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PHP for entreprise applications?

PHP's early days branded it as a language to create websites and blogs but not big scale applications and with good reason. Happily those days are long gone and PHP has evolved into a robust stable language with full Object Oriented implementation rich in features and solid support.

Added to that the joint efforts have gifted PHP with an arsenal of great tools, libraries and frameworks allowing it to perform at the enterprise level. With PHP you can adopt techniques/philosophies like Unit Testing, MVC arquitectures, automatic evaluation of coding standards, execution graphs etc. everything that could be need to deliver a high-quality product.

Enterprise applications

Enterprise applications, design to perfectly fit your company's needs. Simplified and staight to the point interfaces garantees to maximize personnel productivity and shorter training periods.

Batch tools

Batch tools are targeted to perform a specific time consuming task such as, text transformations, report creation, backups exports, XML processing. This tools can be used individually or as a middleware to other tools.


Take your company to the next step and provide it with a global image, break boundries and discover the magic and benefits of online marketing and internet's huge market.

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