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With over 7+ years experience developing web applications of different sizes and purposes, Cranespud Softworks!, understands well how company's software evolves over time. This experience led us to achieved a polished the development process, allowing us to identify and adapt promptly to circumstances.
Constantly updating our knowledge on emerging technologies and software development techniques, enable us to keep delivering high quality products.

Effective use of automated inspection and testing processes allow us early detect bugs in the development phase, shortening delivery times, reducing costs, keeping our customers happy and the application affordable.

Why we chose PHP?

Easy, Fast and Reliable

PHP language is easy to use, this allows shorten drastically development times, also performs blazingly fast, favoring a high-quality user experience. Maintainers of PHP have done a remarkable job in polishing and optimizing PHP into what it is today, a solid robust stable language. At the same time active maintenance and continuous improvements makes it a one of the best choices in the market.


PHP is OpenSource as well as most of the software around it. Not only it is faster to develop on PHP you also don't have to pay a license to use it and benefit form all its features. So short development times + no extra fees for maintenance or licenses = huge savings on the project budget.

Widely Accepted and Extended

Not only is one of the most popular development languages on the web, but it also has great support and a vast documentation, with extensions and libraries that makes it possible to communicate with major databases, webservices, clouds. Even in the remote case that the library you need isn't available in PHP, it can run the Java version natively.

Do you only do PHP?

No, we LOVE PHP, but we are also pretty good at Java, C++, Python. We are open to projects on these languages as well!!

Abraham Wind

CEO / Senior Software Engineer

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Abraham graduated from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica on computer science, been a fan since a child of electronic widgets and video games; programming just became his natural vocation.

Focused on backend systems, Abraham's strong foundations on OOP and Software Architecture enables him to take over even the most complex projects

Top skills:
Software Architecture, Database design, Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development

PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML5, Javascript, Dojo Toolkit, Zend Framework, CSS3, GIT, Subversion, Linux, Apache